We're the CDN that invented putting podcasts on CDNs.

Leo Laporte’s TWiT, Dan Benjamin’s 5by5 and Steve Dahl’s audience won’t wait for slow delivery of their podcasts and audio.

That’s why they use CacheFly to ensure that no matter the broadcast — their content is delivered quickly and reliably — without delay or timeouts. CacheFly’s scalable content delivery network is capable of handling all kinds of traffic surges, ensuring that your content is delivered with ease.

Our worldwide delivery network puts your audio files at the Internet’s major peering points, where we deliver it directly onto end-user (“eyeball”) networks directly. We eliminate latency and offer unmatched performance.

  • Highest throughput performance to deliver large files faster
  • Security platform ensures full control over podcasts
  • Support of all major media types and integration with feed management and reporting solutions
  • Infinite scalability, ensuring seamless delivery and consistently fast user experience
  • Easy implementation and activation
  • Ability to work transparently with audience measurement tools like Feedburner and PodTrac
  • Full Certification with use on iTunes™
  • 100% availability SLA

CacheFly CDN delivers more top podcasts in iTunes than any other CDN, all at up to 10x the performance of other hosting solutions. Ready to host your podcast with CacheFly CDN? Start the conversation: