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What’s going to be easier: breaking into China's thriving market with continued trial-and-error, or having a call with trusted experts who can get you up-and-running with no headaches?

Just imagine the impact this market could have on your business.

China, the fastest growing economy on the planet, presents an equal number of opportunities and challenges, the least of which can be delivering files and content within the firewall. 

Many companies have failed entering the market because they didn’t have a trusted partner that could guide them through the process. 

While this may seem impossible, it isn't. In fact, we've done it. We've helped companies with no local presence get into the market - quickly - and leapfrog the competition.

All of the hard work has been completed. We have the experience and solutions necessary to build your business in China. You need an experienced, reliable partner to tackle this exciting new market and guarantee your success.   

That's us. That's what we do.

We can build you a custom solution tailored to your exact needs, including:

  • ICP Acquisition and Maintenance
  • In-Country DNS
  • Dynamic Application Acceleration through the firewall
  • Datacenter/Hardware/Transit selection & acquisition
  • Custom China CDN for static asset delivery
  • Premium Perimeter Delivery (no ICP required)

All while providing our industry-leading throughput and expertise, guiding you every step of the way.

We won't even ask you to take our word for it. You can take Cedexis' word for it.

Akamai China Comparison

CacheFly China v. Akamai China


Fastly China

CacheFly China v. Fastly China

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